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The art of relaxation takes on a new meaning.

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All of our facial treatments feature skincare products that are refreshingly light with antioxidant elements designed to protect the skin from stress and exposure. Our highly trained team of estheticians will educate you on proper skin care and tailor a treatment to ensure healthy and radiant skin.

Rejuvenation is one of our signature facial designed by our medical team to reduce dark circles, provide toning and promote cell renewal $80

Oxygen is revitalizing treatment that begins with deep cleansing, designed to help restore the natural balance of your skin $80

Ultra Hydrating is a long lasting deep hydrating facial, for dehydrate skin, designed to cleanse the pores, moisturize the skin and provide toning $80

Anti Aging is a unique facial design to nourish and revitalize the skin cells, with our organic beauty serums, reduce dark circles, puffiness & wrinkles. Providing a vibrant and youthful complexion. $80

Organic facial is a revitalizing treatment using a mixture of active ingredients that are 100% natural, and organically grown such as fruits, and herbs. This treatment is designed to exfoliate, tone and moisturize the skin $105

Vitamin C is designed to revitalize damaged skin, and restore the skin’s healthy radiance and induce more glowing skin. An advanced antioxidant treatment delivers Vitamin C below your skin's surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines and helping even your skin tone. $105

Single treatment $150, or try our series

  • Pay for (4) treatments and receive your fifth treatment at no charge
  • Pay for (6) treatments and receive (2) treatments at no charge.

All Microdermabrasion procedures requires a consultation before scheduling an appointment

Botox Therapy
Chemical Peel Collagen Injection
Laser Hair Removal Cosmetic Dermatologist & Laser Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery
Requires consultation. Visit our web site at or call (301) 589-2015 to schedule a consultation
Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery
Requires consultation, visit our web site at or call (202) 529-6801 to schedule a consultation