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Nord Service Inc. has an information base of effective technologies to increase productivity in the oil and gas industry both universal and individual technologies for various, sometimes unique, geological conditions. The company has a set of procedures for hydrodynamic and geophysical field studies that make it possible to carry out qualified technological audits of the condition of wells and ensure the optimum selection of technology. We also have the productive potential and skilled personnel necessary to perform full-cycle maintenance on oil and gas fields.

NORD FORMATION CUTTING TECHNOLOGY (NFCT) is precise, reliable and controllable, compared to conventional technologies.
  NFCT creates larger surface and drainage areas and lower resistance flows.
  NFCT preserves the integrity of the cement bond, increasing casing strength.
  NFCT maintains the structural strength of the well bore, which keeps pressure high, unlike many standard methods.
  NFCT slot geometry (penetration depth of 3-10 ft) transfers the stress outside of the damaged near-well-bore zone.
  NFCT minimizes fractures, tortuosity, screen outs, sanding, mud invasion and other near well bore problems.
  NFCT reduces need for sand control and suppresses or eliminates non-darcy skin.
  NFCT has a long-lasting effect.

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